Specializing in video editing & 2D motion graphics
Modern Trailhead Websites

Caleb can accomplish a lot with a little. His robust skillset offers a wide range of video editing & production options with a lower cost for the finished product.

Think Swiss Army Knife of all your video needs. What would take other companies several people to produce, shoot, & edit, Caleb can accomplish himself or with far fewer people.

Modern Trailhead uses Webflow to build all of its websites.

Webflow is a powerful tool that allows us to bring to life virtually any design concept. It's intuitive and easy-to-use CMS interface lets even the most novice user to quickly add content on their own.
Design Partner
Max Brettler a Multidisciplinary Designer and the visionary mind behind many of Modern Trailhead's websites.

He designs responsive websites that are innovative, yet practical, and always meet accessibility standards.

Max believes the process of designing a website is as important as the final solution.
JM Cellars
Hometown Heroes
Tomorrow the Sun Will Rise
Holiday Recipe Videos
Global Visionaries
Product Videos – Car Toys
So You Know – Car Toys