A multi disciplinary production company led by Caleb Smith in Seattle, Washington

Caleb Smith

Creator of videos and websites.
Lover of coffee.

Caleb is the creative mind behind Modern Trailhead. Equal parts creativity, curiosity, perseverance, and strategy - his forte is turning ideas into actions and actions in to practical outcomes.

Video & Production

Capturing moments and bringing ideas to life

Caleb can accomplish a lot with a little. His robust skillset offers a wide range of video production options and a lower cost for the finished product.

Think Swiss Army Knife of video production. What would take other companies several people to produce, shoot, & edit, Caleb can accomplish with much fewer.

Website Design
Web Design

Designed & built specifically for your brand or mission

Caleb works with industry-leading designers to take a unique, custom-tailored approach to building and designing websites.

We start by understanding the context of the experience and the client's ambitions, followed by an iterative design and development process that culminates in an accessible and modular design and build.

I have worked with Caleb since 2015, and can attest to what a valuable team member he is. Caleb has been the Digital Communications Manager for the Clean Energy Transition Institute since its inception in 2017 and is absolutely invaluable.

If you need a reliable, smart, technically adept, and incredibly gracious colleague to help achieve your corporate or nonprofit business goals and mission with efficiency and skill, then Caleb should be at the top of your list.

Eileen v. quigley
Executive director, clean energy transition institute

I've had the pleasure of working with Caleb for the past year. I can unequivocally say that he exceeds my expectations in any challenge thrown to him.

He is passionate about his work, dedicated to learning more, and I trust him to help me deliver the best product for the client.

Paul Lebel
Micro Grain Films
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