Clean Energy Transition Institute


Clean Energy Transition Institute

Designed around a robust resource library offering strategies to decarbonize the Northwest energy systems.

Using the power and performance of Webflow, Caleb designed and built the Clean Energy Transition Institute's website to make it easy for stakeholders to access the robust library of articles, blog post, reports, presentations, and more.

The Website // Highlighting the Institute's robust content library

Caleb worked with the Institute's Executive Director, Eileen V. Quigley, to design the general concept of the website. He then brought the vision to life using Webflow, a powerful yet intuitive platform that allows for fully customizable website structure with simple editing tools. The website showcase the array of articles, reports, and presentations that are being published by the institute on an on-going basis. This required extensive organization of the existing content and cataloguing it into the website's new CMS. An intuitive categorizing and tagging structure allows the content to be easily searchable and accessible to the user.

Mailchimp // An effective way to communicate with stakeholders

We worked with the Institute to integrate their extensive contact list into Mailchimp's CRM system so that they can communicate easily and effectively with their stakeholders. This also required designing email HTML templates for various scenarios such as Newsletters, Press Releases, Report Alerts, and more.

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