Art of the Pack


Art of the Pack

The best gear for every destination

Art of the Pack provides travelers with curated packing lists of top-reviewed gear based on particular destinations around the globe. Each product is hand-selected and extensively researched.

Website Design & Build

Caleb started Art of the Pack to help fellow travelers identify everything they would need to bring on trips to certain countries or regions. The website features hundreds of product reviews categorized into location-specific "Packs". The goal of Art of the Pack is to do the research so the traveler can focus on what really matters: enjoying the adventure.

Gear Reviews

Each curated pack includes items that have been extensively researched to ensure they are the best product for the specific destination. Special considerations are taken for product quality, value, and functionality for the particular use in each destination. All items are hand-selected and will fit into the carry-on-sized bag featured in each destination pack.